Hi, I'm Megan.

I'm an Author, Mindset Coach for New Mothers,

and Attorney turned Stay-at-Home Mom. 

To explain how I started writing about motherhood, let me tell you a story.


It's 3:00a.m. and I am up (again) feeding my newborn son.


I soon find myself typing one question after another into the Google search bar on my phone.

Is my baby normal? I wonder. Am I a good mom?

The questions I type into my search bar are impossibly specific and yet I find a promising motherhood forum chat thread and I start reading.


Just when it starts getting good, the thread ends.

“The thread is napping,” the forum page says.

Must be nice, I groan.

I keep digging, and then I find gold.

No one really understands what I am going through. Not my husband. Not my family. Not even my friends. 

But somehow minnesotamom2867 understands me completely. 

No one else gets it.

But she gets it.

Her post from way back in 2012 describes my situation exactly. I will never know who she is, but I feel a strange connection with her. A sense of solidarity. I am not alone.

I start to love these forums. 

Hundreds of women share their struggles, their highs and lows, and deeply personal insights into their lives. 

It’s beautiful. 

There’s a lot of pressure to find your “tribe” or your mom group, but this isn’t always easy. 

In the meantime, there are a lot of women out there, curled up on their couches, their kind faces lit by the glow of their computer screens, sharing wisdom, advice, or just a good old fashioned support.

These women remind us that, “No, you’re not going crazy. Yes, I’ve been there. I hear you. What you are feeling is normal.” 

These women, many of whose real names I will never know, were a lifeline to me in some of my most challenging moments. Moments where I didn’t feel comfortable sharing what I was feeling with anyone other than my browser search bar. 

My hope is to pay it forward now.

So feel free to pour a big cup of tea (or wine), sink into the couch, and let me be your minnesotamom2867.

It may get a little messy, but that’s ok. 

Because I get it.

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