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I slowly began to find a rhythm.


Tiny pieces of time began to appear like spare change wedged in the couch or in an old pair of jeans.

The time I needed was always there, waiting for me to embrace my new life as a mother and accept that life has different seasons. 

Time expands and contracts like the shape-shifting white clouds that move through the sky on a sunny day.


-Excerpt from Notes from a Friend, by Megan Robin

My new book

Notes from a Friend

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Funny, insightful, and refreshingly honest.

Reading Notes from a Friend is like curling up on the couch with a big glass of wine while the baby is asleep and talking to your best friend who totally gets it.

I am an Author, Mindset Coach for New Mothers, and Attorney turned Stay-at-Home Mom.


I help new mothers navigate the transition to motherhood.

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