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Books to Read if You Need More Magic in Your Life

It’s not Halloween, but I don’t care. I bought a cauldron, a crystal ball, some girl power books about witches and witchcraft, and I’m welcoming all kinds of magic in my life!

I think magic is so much fun and I’ve decided that I need a little more magic in my life. If you do too, you’ll love this podcast episode!

Here are the links to the books I mentioned in the podcast:

HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Witchcraft by Erica Feldmann

Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power by Pam Grossman

Coloring Book of Shadows: Book of Spells by Amy Cesari

Important Note about the above links: Whenever possible, I use affiliate links for the books and products I recommend. If you use my links, I earn a commission and you are supporting the work I do on my podcast and blog, thank you!!! For more information, click here.

Above is a picture of the shelf in my office, which I decorated with all of my new magical stuff!


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